Episode 126

Published on:

17th Nov 2023

Ep 126| Don Beukes talks about his Ekphrastic Poetry , processes and collaborations

Greetings World

As I sat down to talk with Don Afrika-Beukes, a South African poet currently based in France and Spain, I was immediately struck by his talent and passion for words. Not only is he a skilled poet, but he is also multi-lingual, infusing his works with diverse languages and cultural influences. Through his published poetry anthologies, Don has created a space for his voice to be heard and for his powerful messages to be shared with the world. During our conversation, we delved into his creative processes, exploring the sources of his inspiration, his unique style, and his collaborations with other artists. Don's poetry serves as a powerful social tool, leading us through the complexities and challenges of our modern world. Our recorded conversation was akin to a workshop, where Don shared and dissected a poem from one of his featured anthologies, providing valuable insights and thought-provoking interpretations. It was a truly fruitful and engaging discussion, leaving me with a deep appreciation for Don's mastery of blending images and words into a powerful tool for social commentary and change.

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