Episode 125

Published on:

17th Nov 2023

Ep 125 | We talk mass shootings, Palestine ,Chavez n the #rwc2023 final with Mustapha Jinadu

Greetings , World

Today promises to be an exciting day as I sit down with my regular guest, Mustapha Jinudu from Northern Virginia DC. Together, we delve into the most pressing and trending stories shaping the world, both nationally and internationally. One topic that we can't ignore is the heartbreaking issue of mass shootings in the US. Mustapha shares his insights on this ongoing dilemma, shedding light on the history of violence that lies behind it. We then turn our attention to other important issues, including the ongoing struggle in Palestine, the political landscape in Chavez Colombia, and the lasting legacy of Nelson Mandela. But it's not all serious talk - we also can't resist discussing our excitement for the much-anticipated Rugby World Cup final in 2023, which will be held in France. Through our discussion, we manage to strike a balance between being quick and chippy, while also providing insightful analysis, all while having a great time. So join us as we navigate through these important topics; it's going to be a fun and engaging conversation that you won't want to miss.

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