Episode 124

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11th Oct 2023

Ep 124 | The MigrantOnline Magazine's Adewale Sobowale about the online magazine

Greetings World

Today I had the privilege of speaking with Adewale Sobowale, the founder of The Migrant Online Magazine. We discussed the how he came to create the magazine, the content it features, and the politics of the ongoing migrant crisis across the world. In particular, we explored the situation in the UK, with its draconian laws against migrants that seek to inhibit their right to travel. Adewale has a deep understanding of the sociopolitical factors that have contributed to this crisis, and it was humbling to sit and listen as he detailed his vision for the magazine as a platform for migrant stories and experiences. He hopes it can create awareness and dialogue, and ultimately, spark meaningful action to enable the freedom of movement for all.

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